9 Thoughts on the Presidential Election

I do not consider myself a political expert. I barely keep up with politics and I rarely watch the news. But, every four years, every Tom, Dick and Harry becomes their party’s political analysis on Facebook, Twitter or at the grocery store; freely offering their views and support to anyone who will listen. It’s part of the American process and part of what living in a Democratic Republic is all about.

With that in mind, not that anyone is asking, but here are a few thoughts I have about the upcoming presidential election (just pretend you standing behind me at the Walmart check out line):

  1. Neither of the candidates from the top parties are any good. I think anyone with any set of conservative (and certainly Christian) values would agree with this. All the people in the Trump camp that I have talked to agree that he is not an ideal choice, but he is better than the alternative. All the people in the Clinton camp admit that they can’t defend many of her positions, but she’s better than Trump. Either way, it sounds like a lose-lose situation to me.
  1. Character and values still matter. This is the latest platform I have heard from the “Trumpets”: We’re not voting based on character; we’re voting to keep “her” out. I could not disagree more. Every Christian leader in my lifetime has “preached” on the fact that we must vote based on character. The same Christian leaders (or their dads in the case of Jerry Falwell, Jr.) who are supporting Trump in spite of his vile character, are the same leaders who were calling for Bill Clinton’s resignation and impeachment due to his revolting character. It appears to me that someone has changed their mind.

Character is the most important factor of my voting decision. In the last election I voted for a man who I do not believe is a Christian (he doesn’t claim to be nor pretend to be) because I believed at the time that his values and morals and character matched more closely than the alternative. Why would I vote for a man who is so wicked and vile that I would not want him to be a resident in my neighborhood, much less the President of the United States.

We cannot compartmentalize our lives into one special box of sound, Christian judgment and morals and then another box based on social prudence based on who may or may not win an election. I must vote my conscience. I believe we will all be held accountable one day when we stand before the One and True King and give an account for the decisions I made here on earth. What can I possibly say to King Jesus about the 2016 election? “But, you don’t understand, Lord. Hilary is really, really bad! I have to compromise my character and vote for a vile human being, you know, for your sake!” That will not fly.

  1. But what about abortion and the unborn? That is a great point. One that I have struggled with. That and the appointment of supreme court justices weigh heavily on me. But, I must consider this fact, I cannot trade one evil for another. Is abortion morally and Biblically reprehensible? Absolutely. No doubt about it! But aren’t pornography, sexual assault and blatant racism (just to name a few) just as morally and Biblically reprehensible? I’m afraid I cannot vote for either.

I care about the unborn. They are made in the image of God, and they should be protected and fought for. But you know what, so are my daughters who are alive. I do not want a sexual predator in the White House. Our sisters-in-Christ deserve better than that. Our daughters deserve better. Our wives deserve better. Our sons should want to emulate at least one characteristic of their President, and I can’t think of even one way I want my sons to grow up and be like Trump.

  1. We cannot forget our social responsibility and secular witness as Christians. What does it say to a lost and dying world to see so many Christians not simply begrudgingly vote for a candidate they don’t really like, but wholeheartedly support and praise a candidate who is so anti-gospel, anti-Christian in his actions and anti-Biblical in any of his dealings? What about voting for Trump brings glory to God to a lost and dying world? What about supporting a vile, womanizing, pervert says that my total allegiance is to a self-sacrificing, humble holy God whose gospel is grand and worth dying for. If I can’t live out the gospel with my ballot, then I will never die for the gospel I say I believe in. Our lost neighbors deserve better than from us.
  1. If all the conservative Christians had felt the same passion and enthusiasm for Romney four years ago as they do for Trump this year, we may not be in this mess.
  1. Calling one candidate evil is not endorsing the other candidate. Both are evil. Both are no good. I wish we could pick two new ones. I am sick of the “Oh, so Candidate X did abc but what about when Candidate Y did 123! #MERICA” It is not either/or; in this case it is both/and!
  1. Whoever wins the election, I will still recognize them as the God-ordained leader of the country I choose to live in. I will support them and I will pray for them. It’s pretty simple, really. Scripture says to pray for the leaders who have authority over us (1 Timothy 2:2) because ultimately it was God who put him there (Romans 13:1). If you don’t like the person who wins you have two options: vote for someone else in four years or move out of the country. I do not say that tongue-in-cheek. Could things get so bad in America that we should move? Yes. Many of the Reformers of the 1500’s moved away from their homeland that was under authority of an abusive church and found safety in Geneva. However, many of them, once they were comforted with the gospel and trained in the Scriptures, moved back home as missionaries to their own countrymen. We may need to adopt the same tactics in the near future.
  1. Whoever wins the election, God is still on the throne. God is not wringing His Holy Hands in Heaven, wondering if we’re going to make the right choice. History has already been written in His book. He is not bound by time, space or presidential elections. He is still sovereign over all. He is still in control. The fate of America will not be decided by Trump vs. Clinton. The fate of America has already been decided. The fate of the world has already been decided. I know, because I’ve read the end of the Book.
  1. If you made it this far, congratulations! I didn’t think you would make it. That being said: “Go Dodgers! Beat the Cubs!”

For some really good, original thoughts from men I truly respect, Dr. Al Mohler and Dr. Russell Moore, you can check out these videos.


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